A police officer stopped a driver for speeding.

Officer: "Can I see your driving license?"

Driver: "I don’t have it, I had it removed because of point system."

Officer: "Can I see your license for the vehicle?"

Driver: "But it is not my car, I stole it."

Officer: "Stole it?"

Driver: "Right, let me think, I think I saw the permission before in the glove box when I put my gun in there."

Officer: "There is a gun in the car?"

Driver: "Yes sir, I put it right there, when I shot and killed the woman driving this car and then put the body back to the trunk."

Officer: "There is a corpse in a car?"

Driver: "Right, sir."


After all these he calls the police chief. And soon the car gets surrounded by police. The captain approaches the driver to handle the situation.

Captain: "Sir, can I see your qualification?"

Driver: "Of course, ultimately, there it is."

Captain: "In fact, it’s OK, and to whom does the car belong to?"

Driver: "It is mine, there is my license as well."

Captain: "would you open the glove box, is there a gun inside?"

Driver: "Of course, take a look, there is nothing."

Captain: "Do you mind opening the trunk too? They told me that you put a body in there."

Driver: "No problem, take a look."

Captain: "Empty too! But I do not understand, the officer who stopped you told us that you said that you did not have a driving license, that you stole the car, that you had a gun in the glove box and that there was a dead body in the trunk."

Driver: "Oh right! I bet he told you that I was running and speeding!"