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Sharing Knowledge and Experience


My Character

Exploring and seeking knowledge don't stay with me only at work, I drag it out with me through out my day by day.

I'm completed outdoor person on my free time, I like exploring place or learning about things whatever I'm camping, running, trying new sport, on the mall or just wandering around. I'm capable to explore even walking at the seaside.

I always have good mood, sense of humour and disposed to do something different.

I’m vegetarian for more than 22 year, I have never got drunk or smoked, I'm not addicted to anything.

About of/or what is the best I'm always changing mind because what is the best today, might not be the best tomorrow, besides we never know everything.

Unfortunately I'm the type of person that don't believe in everything I'm told, mainly if it go against of my knowledge or my logical judging however I don't argue about, but I'll search to make sure that what I know is wrong or right.

I'm good to take orders/instructions or given them. I'm always take responsibility.


About me

I’m Andre also known online as andremamp. Heterosexual Brazilian guy with good sense of humor despite of being a little shy(not in all circumstance hehheh),
I'm prefer a hard truth than a sweet lie.
I’m Bachelor of Computer Science with few certifications in wireless despite of not being working directly with IT.
Since 2009 I make my living working more in Telecommunications.

If you want to know more about me you have to meet me F2F or browser a bit more on my website.